"Save Buddha Sasana in India". The Indian Govt Ban The Pali Language From IAS Examination.

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Indian Government has taken all and everything from the Buddhist King Ashoka while adopting his symbols like the Ashokan Lion Capital and Ashokan Wheel in the Indian Flag. But in 2013 the members of UPSC Board of the Government of India had opened their inner poisonous hatred on Pali while misusing their power for removal of PALI Language (Pāḷi Bhāsā) Subject from the list of top IAS Examination.

Here the common question arises on who care to respect the "Buddha Vacana " that what kind of loss brought them to suspend this Classical Pali from appearing the IAS Examination. It is very clear that the India govt don't respect to this Indian Pali language. Then let us ask them to give up Ashoka's symbol of Lion Capita as well as Ashoka Chakra from the Indian National Flag.

It is a well planned and the govt is purposefully playing the game with insulting the Indian Mother Mahamaya. Who gave birth to Buddha as well as Mahapajapati Gotami who nourished the Siddarth Gotama in the childhood for the absence and death of Queen Mahamaya. Maha Gotami is the only one later who established the first "Bhikkhuni Sangha" the Nunney for the Indian women.

When the Government of Indian while it supports to the other Indian languages like Sanskrit, Urdu, Hindi and Sindi languages for permitting to enter the UPSC Exam. Then why they close the door to Pali and What type of problem it created to Indians? Did it heart anyone's faith or did it cause to destroyed world peace? Then what caused for Indian to take such a serious step to remove this Indian Classical Pāḷi Bhāsā?

Here I am asking one and all those who are still alive in India and wanted to save this India's Buddha Sasana. One must and should contribute one's little voice to bring the attention of the UPSC board members who are indirectly caused by the suppression of The Ancient Indian Classical Pāḷi Language.