Petition Texas Governor Greg Abbott to give Rodney Reed a fair trial.

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Over the last few years there has been a alarming number of cases where innocent people has served years behind bars for crimes they didn’t commit, some are sentenced as teens and later exonerated as a seniors. Rodney Reed’s 1998 case in the murder of Stacey Stites is one of those cases, it deserves the proper attention and representation based off new undeniable evidence that proves his innocence.

“I fear the state may execute an innocent man.” Bruce Benjet, Reeds Lawyer

The police investigators initial suspicions was of  Stites fiancé, a local police officer named Jimmy Fennell. The petition also ask that the Court correct constitutional errors created based on discovery that (1) Fennel did not give a consistent account of his whereabouts the night of Stites was murdered and (2) all the States theory that Reed raped and murdered Stites have withdrawn or modified those opinions. Reed has long- maintained that he is innocent, but was involved in a consensual sexual relationship with Stites.

Years after Stites murder, Stites fiancé Fennel plead guilty to another  unrelated crime arising out of charges that he kidnapped and raped a young woman while Fennel was on police patrol.