Challenge the Feres Doctrine, Fight For our Military Hero's that fight for us!!

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We live in a hypocritical country. Our loved ones, mothers, fathers, sons, daughters, spouse, etc..take an oath to fight for our freedom and our safety but when something happens to our Soldiers, unexplained death, suicide, falsely accused, rape, harassment, etc..the Feres Doctrine takes our right to fight for them!  We need to revise the Feres Doctrine with a Claus.  Yes, it's understandable that death are bound to happen when we are fighting our enemy country or people, but when death are happening way to often in the hands of our fellow men, in the country they are fighting for and the causes don't add up or a suicide is claimed, we, as the family member and or soldier, should be able to have the right to hire a civilian lawyer for answers and closure. Death within our own country is beginning to be more popular then the death from our enemies.  How are we not allowed to be Hero's for those who are our Hero's???