Khalilzad has been harmful to Afghanistan and must not be reassigned as special Envoy

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Amini Mehrjoo
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The news of reappointing Khalilzad as the U.S special envoy to Afghanistan has left us in shock given Ambassador Khalilzad's ethnonationalism motivated previous conducts in Afghanistan.

Ambassador Khalilzad may be considered as a "top" U.S Diplomat, but he is known as an ethnonationalist in Afghanistan. It was him in 2001 Bonn Conference and the 2004 Constitutional Grand Assembly who undermined both processes in order to establish a tribal-monocracy for his tribal elites in our multi-ethnic country.

As a result we have been suffering from political illegitimacy under a mock democracy, ethnopolitics and insecurity with thousands being killed in recent times while cities being invaded by the terrorists.

The ongoing peace "talk" with the Taliban has been highly secretive and is already undermined by Ashraf Ghani's ethnopolitics. Now, the news of Ambassador Khalilzad reappearing in our country’s political domain as the U.S Special Envoy is a major concern to us. We know for facts that he will further complicate the situation, push us down to the dangerous road of ethnonationalism further.

We hope that Your Excellency President Donald Trump will take our concerns into account before making your final decision on Khalilzad’s reappointment to Afghanistan and decide on sending someone impartial who could help open new windows of opportunities for us and our country. So that we get another chance to lay the right foundations that would enable our country transition towards democracy.

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