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Give unmarried mothers full custody if fathers are incarcerated at birth

In many cases after a child is born, mothers get what is well known as post partem depression, requiring psychiatric treatment. An unmarried single mother, if the father is not present, or incarcerated has to rely on family of hers, or the fathers to temporarily care for the child. Once the mother is well, the family doesn't particularly want to return the child/infant to its natural mother, and learns that they don't have to because she willingly allowed them to take the child. In cases where the child was taken by the relative out of state, it makes it that much more difficult on the mother to get her child back. Shes required now, to travel back and forth to court, pay court costs, and thousands of dollars to lawyers, making it nearly impossible. A responsibility of filing custody papers has become the mothers responsibility. If the family/temporary caregivers feel as if the child would be in harms way, then the responsibility of filing for custody should be theirs. If they were not granted temporary/full custody, the family is not supposed to have any legal rights to the child, and cannot question, or make decisions to keep the child. Too many mothers throughout the U.S. are losing their children do to the laws already in place. Including myself.  Delorean's Law needs to be put in place, and this needs to be stopped. If a mother can lose her child in such a way, then their is no need to stop illegal adoptions, or criminals who kidnap pregnant women and take their child once its born. As of now, this country is saying mothers hold no value, no rights, and deserve no respect. This is not acceptable. 

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