IRA Owners: Sign This Petition to STOP Washington’s Planned Trillion Dollar IRA Sneaky Tax

IRA Owners: Sign This Petition to STOP Washington’s Planned Trillion Dollar IRA Sneaky Tax

August 2, 2017
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Started by James Lange

From the Desk of Jim Lange:

Dear IRA Owner,

The federal government is planning the biggest tax grab in U.S. history and not many advisers are talking about it with clients who are at risk- and that is just about all of us who have or will have more than $450,000 in an IRA or retirement plan!

Since January 2001, and to some extent even before that, the IRS has permitted beneficiaries- both children and grandchildren- to stretch distributions from inherited IRAs over their lifetime. By paying the income taxes on relatively modest annual distributions for many years, your legacy continues to grow, tax deferred.

Known as the Stretch IRA, this benefit has long been the greatest opportunity taxpayers have had to pass on their wealth to heirs relatively intact and with a minimum of estate taxes.

And now, late in the game, Congress wants to change the rules and WIPE OUT potentially one-third of your IRA within 5 years of your death!

That's right, after decades of reckless spending, Washington bureaucrats have piled up more than $19 TRILLION in debt- over $63,000 for every man, woman, and child in America. And now they want YOU to bail them out!

So a few years ago, lawmakers entertained the idea that killing the stretch IRA would be a good way to get their hands on some of the $18 trillion Americans hold in their retirement accounts.

And sure enough, the government has now officially pounded the first nail into the stretch IRA's coffin: On September 21, 2016, the Senate Committee on Finance voted 26-0 to ask Congress to kill the unlimited stretch IRA.

So if we don't make our voices heard -and NOW- a substantial portion of the wealth you've worked so hard to build your entire lifetime could disappear! To sign the petition to STOP Washington's planned Trillion Dollar IRA tax grab, click the button above! You can also share this petition with your friends and family on Twitter, Facebook, and via email as well! 

For a full explanation of how the proposed law works and the financial steps you can take now to help minimize the impact to your legacy if the law does pass, go to


Respectfully submitted,

James Lange

P.S. I also have a Facebook Group dedicated to this cause. Go to SOS: Save Our Stretch! Stop the Sneaky Tax! By joining the Facebook Group, I will provide information on how to protect yourself, your family, and your finances from this sneaky tax. For a limited time, I will be offering a gift to thank you for joining the fight. All information will be in the pinned post! 

P.P.S. Please note that your letter will be sent to all U.S. Senators listed when you click on 'Read the Letter.’ The U.S. Senators are listed in alphabetical order. This format is a part of the webpage that we cannot change. I apologize for any confusion.

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This petition had 395 supporters

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