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my grandkids were taken by Child Protective Services in October of 2016 I was the first one to call the night that they got taken and ask for custody until everything could get straightened out with their mom and dad which were drug addicts I have fought DSS every since my grandkids were taken all Social Services could do was down me ignore my phone calls until they had got in court the next morning and had a judge to put them in foster care and they never even told the judge I was sitting in the hallway wanting custody of my grandkids I appeared that morning to court the first morning and I was told by the DSs worker I could not enter the courtroom they had a second court date on the 15th of October I was also told them I could not go in the courtroom so I went and spoke with a lawyer and he told me that I should have been in the courtroom both times so there's number one the DSs workers lied to me I kept calling and they would tell me there was nothing they could do only a judge could take them out of foster care so I started calling the governor this state of North Carolina director over Child Protective Services i email 8 Commissioners in our county, after I spoke with Governor McCrory he called me back about four hours later and he did get me paperwork for the family to fill out about wanting custody of grandkids  so I filled the paperwork out and hand-delivered it to Child Protective Services this was 60 days after my grandkids had already been in foster care after we turn the paperwork in it was another 60 days before they could come out and do the home study so when they came out they found a cabinet door missing,a wire that was coming down out of the ceiling where a ceiling fan been it was not a hot wire it would not Shock you at all and we were in the process of Exterminating because the next door neighbors had moved and we had started seeing roaches so two roaches were seen in the house so I got denied from getting my grandkids,before my grandkids got taken they will basically lived at my house 24/7 because their parents stayed high all the time and I was the caregiver caretaker on the plan that was done as well so I would really like to know what the problem is my granddaughter is 4 my grandson is 3 they have had my grandkids for 7 months I have not seen my grandkids but one time for 15 minutes 5 years ago Child Protective Services gave me custody of the two brothers and another grandchild, when they took my grandkids they took a big piece of my heart also I really desperately need help getting my grandkids into my custody until their mom and Dad straighten up and if they don't then I would be willing to keep the kids like I have the other ones and I have never got a dime in five years for the other than kids that I have so this has nothing to do with money any help I can get in this matter would be so greatly appreciated and God bless because these kids are very miserable they asked every week when they are going to get to come home or come to Mawmaw

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