Use the Senate and Congress paychecks to pay the troops

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If the official government can not come up with a budget that does not affect the paychecks of the troops who proudly sacrifice everyday for their safety, then they should give up their pay checks to pay the troops.  There is no reason the troops should suffer because government officials can not come to an agreement.  If the Senate and Congress are choosing to not pay their troops, should the troops have the options of not going to work?  Are the ships that are underway going to stop standing watch because the sailors are no longer getting paid?  Are the Marines and soldiers who are forward deployed with boots on ground going to turn tail and return to the US instead of completing the mission?  Is the Coast Guard going to stop providing service?  Is the Air Force going to stop their missions?  No, service members are required to continue with their voluntary service to this country without pay and yet the Senate and House of Representatives will be sitting in their plush living room eating a warm meal with their families.  This is not the first time, and it will not be the last, but at what point are the government officials going to put their troops first?  Sign the petition, help put the idea out there that armed forces service members deserve consistency in their pay without ever having to worry that they might not be able to put food on the table for their family while they are serving in a forward deployed unit.