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Impeach Virginia Governor Ralph Northam

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Ralph Northam is not the representative of Virginia that Virginia and Virginians need. Ralph Northam is not a just or honest man. He should not still be in his position of power from when he was asked to step down by many of his peers and even members of his own party from the "black face" ordeal. Now that Virginia has turned blue for the first time 20 years, he sees a way to "save face". He's coming after our guns and our God given rights as Americans attacking the second amendment of the constitution. Northam also believes in the "right" to a post-birth abortion, which goes against the culture and beliefs of so many people of the great state of Virginia and shouldn't fit on any moral compass. 


Ralph Northam, among the many issues already present in his campaign as Governor, is now trying to enforce gun control on a state that loves the second amendment and the liberties we have presently and hold dear. It's in our culture as Virginians to see trucks pulled over on the side of the road during hunting season, to grow up target shooting with your friends and family, to learn how defend yourself and your property if necessary. Ralph Northam is now trying to say we don't need these guns, or these gun accessories, or a gun that can hold more than 10 rounds. If it gets an inch, it goes a mile and confiscating all or most legally owned guns is coming next after his introduced legislation.


 Ralph Northam does not represent the vast of Virginia. Northam does not stand up for your rights as a gun owner, your rights to protect yourself or your kids being able to do so if they're under 18 years of age and home alone, and he doesn't stand for your culture of a state where we respect the power and boundaries of guns. Northam doesn't respect the value of human life. He claims he wants more strict gun laws to save Virginia lives but utilizes taxpayer dollars to fund abortions. Virginia needs a change and we need it now before things get out of hand and we're the eastern California. OUT WITH RALPH!


Check out some of the legislature that Ralph and the state is going to be introducing in 2020 at:

Summary of Senate Bill 16(SB16), pre-filed 11/18/2019. Set for review on 01/08/2020:

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