Decision Maker Response

Barbara Lee’s response

Nov 6, 2017 — Thank you for joining this important petition in support of the Sanchez family.

For more than twenty years, Maria & Eusebio Sanchez were longstanding residents of the East Bay, who were respectful neighbors and friends. Maria worked as a nurse at Highland Hospital, giving back to our community, and the family recently bought their first home in Oakland. Their story is the epitome of the American Dream.

The cruel and heartless deportation of the Sanchezes tore apart their family and emphasized how broken our immigration system truly is. Despite our calls for compassion, and the Administration's insistence that it would prioritize the deportation of those with serious criminal records, Immigrations and Customs Enforcement heartlessly deported the Sanchezes, forcing them to leave their daughters here to care for themselves. That is unacceptable.

Instead of tearing families apart, we need comprehensive immigration reform that creates a path to citizenship for those like Maria and Eusbio who are well-respected members of our communities but lack immigration status. Until then, we need to support and protect our undocumented neighbors. That's why in Congress I have introduced H.R. 3818, to provide permanent resident status for the Sanchez family and I will not rest until we bring Maria and Eusebio back home to Oakland where they belong.

Know that I will continue the fight to improve our immigration system and protect immigrant families. We must all work to resist this Administration's heartless immigration policies that reject the core values of our nation. Thank you again for your support of this petition.

Rep. Barbara Lee (D-CA 13)