Cities unite! Stop public funding of sports stadiums

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I propose that all members of Congress vote to disallow use of all public funds for professional sports teams.

Despite the fact that all economists are usually divided about something, you would be hard pressed to find one that would ascertain any financial benefit to a city. It is more about a psych benefit than a physical asset.

By allowing public funds used for professional sports teams they will only threaten to take their business elsewhere. Another city will gladly welcome to them if demands are met.

Taxpayers are convinced that a sin tax is a good thing and it generally is a great thing if used for the right purpose. Taxpayers will vote on the approval of sin taxes such as alcohol or liquor taxes or hotel-taxes or rental car taxes or some other creative package to line the pockets of the uber-rich. But there is usually only one option on your ballot as to how you'd like your taxes used.

If you want to see an extreme example of mis-use of public funds take a peak into Major League baseball spring training facilities in Goodyear Arizona or the numerous professional facilities up the road in Glendale.

The city of Goodyear spent $113 million on Goodyear Ballpark and are awaiting to be paid back $57 million with no guarantee of having the funds available to be paid back due to bold and over-hyped predictions on the tax revenues used to pay them.

A few years ago rumors were swirling that Glendale may actually be the first city in Arizona to file for bankruptcy due to liberal funding to professional sports. They have recently improved their bond rating at the cost of raising taxes, eliminating municipal workforce, cutting back on paving projects and reducing open hours at libraries.  The Glendale mayor states they lost "a couple million dollars" by hosting the Super bowl due to spending costs on overtime, police and public safety costs.

Baseball generates 9.5 billion in yearly revenue. The NFL divides 13 billion in revenues amongst its teams. The NBA makes a pedestrian 5.2 billion in revenues. Clearly pro sports do not need the money. It's a trick on the taxpayers and a gift to the millionaires and billionaires.

So we are left with this dilemma that faces every city, we love our teams and want them to stay but at what price?  We are the fans, we pay for our tickets, we pay for our parking, food and drinks and sometimes even splurge on a suite. We should not be paying for the arena upgrades. The teams should be paying for the renovation that will help their business thrive.  We should not allow public funds to be used for private businesses that do not produce economic gain for our cities.

By saying no to public funds for the use of professional sports I am saying that money should be used for other expense needs such as education, healthcare overhaul, infrastructure, fighting drug problems and true job creation.

By signing this petition it is not just about sports but it is about the growing public anger about the global elite. If nothing is done to change these issues more seismic political changes are inevitable.



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