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Unite America by Abolishing Daylight Savings Time

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As Americans, we may not agree on everything but there is one thing that we should be able to agree on: what time it is.

Daylight Savings Time is a bureaucratic over-extension of the government that negatively impacts the health and mental well-being of millions. In addition, it is not even practiced by some citizens, meaning that for a portion of the year, even if you are in the same time zone as some people, you might not even be able to agree on what time of day it is.

 In order to achieve the goal of being the best, well-rested, and most in-sync version of America, we the petitioners call upon Congress to unite across party lines and unify our country under one time system.

We the people will just turn on the lights if it gets darker earlier. We will take back our valuable time that’s being wasted on resetting clocks. We will eschew the horrible feeling of waking up for work after the time change, and losing a day to bitterness and fatigue.

Unite our great country on the one issue that we all agree on: Give us back that hour of sleep.

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