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Legislation for the Troubled Teen industry

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In the United States today, parents are able to send their children to "troubled teen" camps without consent of the child. These camps have no legislation on how they should be run, and, as such, often mistreat, overwork, and exhaust the children. Children have died in these camps, either due to mistreatment, poor conditions, or lack of medical attention. This makes me sick to my stomach, knowing that what are essentially death camps can proceed without even being called under scrutiny whatsoever. I want to try and call upon the US Government to pass legislature restricting these camps and how they treat their children. Children are frequently sent to camps like these for reasons ranging from homosexuality, to interracial dating, to being mentally troubled. These people are subjected to torment for any reason their parents deem adequate. Please, sign this petition, don't let any more camps that operate like this fly under the radar.

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