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Tighten Gun Laws and Save Lives

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Guns are very dangerous.

In fact, just one shot from a gun can kill a person. This is (hopefully) a commonly known fact. But guns are surprisingly easy to acquire. That's why Congress needs to pass laws to restrict gun purchases.

In the United States, in order to buy a gun from a gun store, a person must be a sane, non-criminal adult, among other restrictions. But there are still easy ways to get guns without a background check. In fact, any person that doesn't sell guns as a profession is legally permitted to sell a gun to any other person as long as they 'think' that the person could be a legal gun owner. This is called the gun show loophole.

Through the gun show loophole, any disguised criminal or insane person can buy a gun from an unsuspecting owner

The solution seems obvious: making the selling of secondhand guns illegal. But congress has been unable to pass anything like that.

Guns have killed more Americans since 1968 than all American wars, ever.

An easy way to cut down on gun murders would be to close the gun show loophole. If you call your members of national congress and tell them exactly why the gun show loophole is dangerous to their constituents, they will be pressured to work towards fixing it.

Please sign this petition and commit to calling your local Representative and both Senators from your state to tell them that you want the gun show loophole closed.

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