The Key To The Streets

The Key To The Streets

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Daniqua Hatfield started this petition to U.S. Senate and

Hourly Wage: $8.00
Monthly Income: $1280 (before all the taxes they take from us)
You have to make 3x the rent to even get approved. Rent on average for a 2 bedroom is $700-$800. Which means we would need to make $2100-$2400 a month just to apply. Of course the homeless rate will increase. People who make the rules for housing market have never lived paycheck to paycheck and to me they can't add. For those who can afford to apply or rent a $900 apartment can barely afford expenses, utilities, and groceries and are knocking on the door of poverty. If the goal is to eventually buy a home most Americans will never reach that dream. 

Democrats believe loans, affordable housing grants, and new construction will solve the housing crisis! Lies.... There are empty apartments and empty homes and land every where that we can't afford to apply for because our wages are so low. Companies play the supply and demand game to be able to charge more all along we are getting raped by taxes.

These homes should not cost us that much to rent and they definitely shouldn't equal the same amount we make on our checks which make purchasing a home unrealistic.

1. Increase MINIMUM wage so that we are bringing home more and able to meet application requirements. 

2. Establish grants for construction on worn down homes that have not been rented for a long period of time.

3. Make apartment complexes and property management companies establish a realistic application process that will not make moving or renting difficult. 

4. Stop increasing the housing range when new jobs come to an area and base the housing market on statistics using the states homeless rate, minimum wage, and net income. Why use the gross income amount when that is money we do not see. 

5. Most homes are not 2 income homes and are leaving single occupants to pay higher rates alone. Base rates off of realistic stats. This will lower the amount of people who need government funding for houses. 

We don't need more funding to put into the hands of affordable housing WE NEED MORE AFFORDABLE HOUSES that we can use our paychecks to afford. 

We need realistic rules and regulations.

We need a housing market that knows how to use basic math. 


0 have signed. Let’s get to 100!
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