The Innersight Dream

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Millions of disabled people cannot get help because the money available though agencies is not being used properly.

The Innersight Dream:

Pass an executive order allowing the agencies to raise the money and enable the disabled to participate in that.
Bring back the telethon and demonstrate how the money is being used.
Put the funds on a debit card for each individual and for each specific need. The money can only be used for that purpose.
Example: You need a wheelchair. The money (raised by the agency) goes into a fund (on a debit card) and is there so when it comes time, you have the money readily available. 

The government must stand by us in an emergency and the government must, as part of the execute order, allow us to keep our disability benefits as long as we’re disabled. This will help disabled people get jobs because the agencies can raise money for vocational purposes. We truly believe the government could save billions of dollars by doing this. It would help all people, including those who are not disabled. The government would have the right to monitor these debit cards to make sure that the money is being used properly.  The agencies would have the option to raise more than the persons needs and the additional money raised would go back to the agencies. Eventually, the government would be relieved of the burden of older programs- the agencies would eventually be independent. Starting this program would create accessibility which would, in turn, create jobs.
The government will get money back in taxes through the debit card purchases.