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Tell Congress: Immediately draw down the 450 nuclear-armed missiles under U.S. backyards


WE THE UNDERSIGNED call upon our United States Congressional Representatives to immediately draw down the 450 nuclear-armed Minuteman III intercontinental ballistic missiles (ICBMs) currently on alert in missile silos under our Great Plains. The Minuteman IIIs should be decommissioned and removed from our weapons arsenal. We agree with several of our country’s own high-level military experts that these decades-old missiles, deployed in our midst, are dangerous and unnecessary to our national defense.

For example, former Secretary of Defense William J. Perry, Defense News, Dec. 3, 2015: “ICBMs aren’t necessary … they’re not needed. Any reasonable definition of deterrence will not require that third leg” of the nuclear weapons triad that includes submarines and bombers. Perry described the missiles as “destabilizing,” too easy to launch on bad information, and the most likely cause of an accidental nuclear war. Lt. Gen. James Kowalski, Gen. James Cartwright and former Secretary of Defense Chuck Hagel have also recommended the elimination of these nuclear weapons.

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