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Teamster's of Upstate New York& Central States Pension Crisis

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We are asking as many people as possible to sign our petition. We are asking Congress and Senate to REPEAL the "MPRA" Law. The Multi Pension Reform Act & REPLACE it with Bernie Sanders "KOPPA" Keep Our Pension Protection Act. The MPRA Law allows the Government to go into Pensions and decide what they feel is the appropriate amount for employees pensions. Right now retiree's and future retiree's pensions are being looked at and decided for what their current percentage cuts will be. Present Retirees had been told, at retirement their pensions were guaranteed by the "PBGC" Pension Benefits Guarantee Corporation.This was overruled by the "MPRA" Law without employees and retirees knowledge.  We are requesting Congress and Senate to push for an unbiased Internal Forensic Audit to see what exactly is happening with members dues, finances with all aspects of pensions. The Audit should be done with no cost  to retirees or employees. We are also requesting total transparency to all retirees and employees of ALL paperwork. At present this is being denied. Union representatives need to be held accountable with what appears to be questionable use on employees dues, one being representatives hiring a Washington Lobbyist three quarters of a MILLION dollars to help push for the "MPRA" Law to get passed. This money clearly would have been beneficial with being used for the employees and retirees. There are possible other questionable issues that clearly need to be looked into. Please sign this petition to not allow this not to happen to yourselves or loved ones now or in the future.

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