Taxpayer money to fund food programs & the arts, not excessive POTUS traveling.

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We believe that our taxpayer dollars should be used for federally regulated food programs for our young, our infirmed, and our elderly; and for arts education across our great nation.

Further, we believe much of the cost can be alleviated by redirecting the current overspending of our taxpayer dollars on POTUS travel expenses (as per current events), and the ongoing need of protecting and securing multiple personal properties.

It is with this that we, the people, ask for the undivided support from our representatives to care for and enrich the millions of citizens that make up our great and diverse nation. Please hear our call to uplift our citizens, while considering to fund it by putting a strict cap on POTUS multi-property security, travel spending and all that it requires.

Thank you for your attention and support.


PS It is in this format that we are showing the ludicrousy of the budget imbalances, and how they affect the citizens of our great nation. When given the choice…to choose between supporting and inspiring millions of our own people or financing multi-property uber-security and travel for POTUS…it really is a no-brainer.