Take Action, Not Children.

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Jacqueline von Edelberg
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Our government has given Mylar blankets to thousands of incarcerated border children to ‘keep warm.’ The zero tolerance policy that has ripped 2300 children from their parents and holds families in concentration camps is morally bankrupt.


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  • WRITE: Anything uplifting in English or Spanish or just draw a happy picture. Send one note or thousands: UAC/ORR, Cards for Kids​, 330 C St., SW, 5th Fl, DC 20201  Suggested message: Yo y mis amigos quisiéramos decirte que estamos pensando en ti y tu familia y que estamos trabajando para una mejor situación para ustedes. Translation: My friends and I would like to tell you that we are thinking of you and your family and that we are working for a better situation for you.