Support Homeless and Foster Youth: Pass the Higher Education Access and Success for Homeless and Foster Youth Act

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Resources for homeless and foster youth pursuing higher education

Thanks for your support of homeless and foster youth in their pursuit of a college education! We’re excited that the petition has gathered so many signatures so quickly. A number of people who signed the petition have mentioned their own struggles with homelessness, foster care, and higher education. We wanted to let you know that our partner, NAEHCY, has materials on their web page that may help. Check out for tip sheets, podcasts, and more. NAEHCY also offers a toll-free helpline to assist young people, and professionals seeking to help young people, in accessing higher education. The helpline information is (855) 446-2673 (toll-free) or Thank you again!

Courtney S., Jessie M., and Brandy S.
7 years ago