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Support Graham-Cassidy Health Care Bill/ Repeal and Replace Obama Care

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The Unaffordable Care Healthcare Deform has been devastating to family, friends and many across the nation.  Job growth for full-time work has been harmed by the employer mandate.  Premiums have increased while coverage has declined.  Co-payments have become unaffordable, many times deductibles and copays are in the 5 figures.  Premium increases are directly related to Obamacare including excise taxes on health insurance, taxes on medical devices, commercial underwriting restrictions, and new benefit mandates.  Working class people are being priced out of the market.  State governments are suffering because people in the working class are being dumped from private plans into Medicaid.

Graham-Cassidy offers an intelligent solution to these problems.  It allows the people closer to the problem who have a hundred years of experience dealing with insurers to craft solutions.  It leaves no one behind in any transition as the current program governs until a state has a solution.  It protects people with existing conditions.  Any state who wants to change the current system with a better one would have to show its plan is an improvement and get approval through a waiver.  

The plan is projected by analysts to save 215 billion dollars to the federal government over 10 years.  It has the support of most governors.  Individuals will have more options including HSA's.  States will be able to have health pacts, direct care models, and other non-insurance innovations.

Real people are suffering.  People are losing coverage and having it replaced with useless but costly coverage or are punished with fines if they do not take the useless coverage.  Job growth lagged and the economy was stagnant until hope of tax reform and ACA repeal.  Please give working Americans a chance.  Support this positive change.

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