Support for Legal Bill for Individuals/Groups with "Mental Disorders"(Unique's) Effort

Support for Legal Bill for Individuals/Groups with "Mental Disorders"(Unique's) Effort

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Andrew Olsavicky started this petition to U.S. Senate and

The following are bullet notes for an idea I have for a Legal Bill that would allow for Individuals/Groups who have an issue or issues in regards to what are currently called "Mental Disorders" and would allow for a better Name/General Term for these Individuals/Groups, most of which were mentioned in the Winter 2021 Pittverse Magazine Article "A Bill For Autism Rights" By Andrew Olsavicky(Me) and are as follows:

-Any Individual/Group who has been diagnosed with any kind of “Mental/Emotional Disorder” as they are currently called, including any form of Autism, OCD, ADHD, Down Syndrome, and or any other condition in the same type of category to these among others, will be referred to as Unique’s to allow a general grouping of individuals/groups with these issues, so as to emphasize the common problem of lack of acceptance from society that these individuals/groups face.

-These Reasons/Actions/Conditions will apply to all Individuals/Groups of the Unique’s Category regardless of Age, Gender, Race, Religion, sexual orientation, and or any other distinguishing trait, and will overrule any established rule/code/law in any and all of these groups.

-All the reasons/actions/conditions given here must apply to past issues related to the Individuals/Groups of the Unique’s Category especially if involving employment, and must also apply to Unique’s who are not employed for any reason and will apply to any Individuals/Groups of the Unique’s Category in school or any kind of learning institute including Individuals/Groups who are home schooled in any manner.

-These rights/reasons/actions/conditions must be valid in all USA States including those that do not presently have equal employment rights as well or any other related rights.

-A Council consisting of people from the Unique’s Individuals/Groups Category will be formed to advocate issues between other Individuals/Groups of the Unique’s Category that have conflicting issues with each other, so as to allow for the issues to be handled internally rather than cause more conflict by involving people who do not understand the situation as these Unique Individuals/Groups do.

-Only The Council of Unique’s will have the authority to make any changes to the rights/reasons/actions/conditions listed here, and no individual and or group outside the council will be allowed directly affect decisions made in regards to the rights/reasons/actions/conditions listed here, though they may discuss it with the council if a majority vote allows it.

-A Legal Board for these Unique Individuals/Groups will be formed to help said Individuals/Groups with legal issues that have existed, do exist, and will/may exist, and it will not be charged to the Individual/Group especially if the dispute is lost.

-Any Individuals/Groups who are of the Unique’s Category may refuse to take part in Legal Proceedings Including being called as a witness and or serving on Jury Duty as well as any other related issues not listed here, unless mandated by the Council of Unique’s

-Employers of Unique’s Category Individuals/Groups must give full and detailed reasons for disciplinary action including dismissal, and if reasons for said actions are unfair because of the Individuals issues or related issues it can be fought in the legal system, this will also apply to any Individuals/Groups under the Unique’s category regarding reasons for being or not being hired by any Individual/Group hiring them.

-Individuals/Groups of the Unique’s Category will go through a noninvasive hiring process when it comes to their employment and cannot be withheld from a job if they can do the job regardless of whether or not the employer believes they can from doing an interview with said Individuals/Groups.

-People of the Unique’s category Can no longer be Banned from any location or from seeing anyone without reasons given beyond their issues and if their issues is a factor it protects them from such actions, plus any such banning if done can only be for a set amount of time and not be continued indefinitely, plus the time can be reduced if fought in court or other legal manner/proceeding.

-An Individual/Group who falls under the Unique's category has the right to sight out any other individual, place, and/or object/thing in the way they want to regardless of why, and cannot be persecuted, detained and/or punished including actions similar to those previously mentioned taken against them and defiantly not in a permanent manner.

-Individuals/Groups of the Unique’s Category cannot be thrown out of any public place including restaurants and/or gathering places of any kind among other such places for behaviors typical of Unique Individuals/Groups.

-Individuals/Groups of the Unique’s Category have the right to criticize people, places, objects/things including Media freely, and have a more than fair opportunity to fight for a change to the previously mentioned things especially if the thing/issue is something that the majority of Unique Individuals/Group affect their community (Community in this case meaning Individual/group of people with these issues).

-What Individuals/Groups of the Unique’s Category says they would like to happen/see happen or how they feel even if unlawful/unjust/threating cannot be used against them unless they actually act on the actual act stated at any point and cannot be used for grounds of dismissal of work or being prosecuted.

-People whose issue or issues that makes them part of the Unique’s Category Cannot/Will-Not have any of these issues be considered, generalized, and or designated a form of insanity.

-Tax and Court Services/Assistance will be given to all Individuals/Groups of the Unique’s Category for free for all types/forms of taxes including State, Federal, and/or Local as well as any not previously mentioned.

-All Individuals/Groups of the Unique’s Category will be given appropriate funding from Federal, State, and Local government to meet needs based on the needs of the Individuals/Groups.

-Individuals/Groups of the Unique’s Category will have government funded insurance in any needed forms of insurance that can be used in any US State and may be extended to include insurance needs that exist, have existed, and will exist both inside and outside the United States of America.

-All Internal and External Groups/Individuals that support people who are part  of the Unique’s Category will be given tax write offs/extensions for shown support in any way for Unique’s, further, any group formed Previously, Presently, and in the future will be given government funding to help with any services that have, do, and will help Unique Groups/Individuals.

-All necessary and possible support shall be given to Individuals/Groups of the Unique’s Category for increasing the processes of Hiring, Educating, and Generally Supporting these Individuals/Groups to maximize their function ability in society and to help other Individuals/Groups without these issues to know more about and understand those who do have it.

-Individuals/Groups of the Unique’s Category will have all needed assistance in finding places of employment, and the process will include custom matching the Individuals/Groups with their ideal job and job environment based on what they can do, like to do, feel comfortable doing, and are good at doing, so that no opportunity is missed on such an Individual/Group that can do said job in a way that is best for the line of work.

-Individuals/Groups of the Unique’s Category will have more input into the design of places that can, are, and do become part of their daily lives and or things they. feel will affect themselves and others like them that do and may exist, making it more Functional/Practical for Unique’s Individuals/Groups and those who do not, so as to make what can become and are chaotic places, can become places that are better for all people to function in.

I now ask for your support in getting these ideas made into law so that people who fit into this category will be accepted better in society.

0 have signed. Let’s get to 2,500!
At 2,500 signatures, this petition is more likely to get picked up by local news!