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Thousands of people each year are exposed to TOXIC AIRCRAFT CABIN AIR! Many are completely unaware of having been exposed to toxic air through "BLEED AIR" coming into the cabin. Many cabin crew as well as grounds workers are now suffering from AEROTOXIC SYNDROME... some have died (BA Pilot Richard Westgate, USAirways Pilot Captain David Hill). There have been 7 post mortem bodies studied exhibiting the same damage suspected to be from exposure to toxic organophosphates compounds that are proven to be neurotoxins. These toxins are especially dangerous to the unborn fetus, small children and the elderly because of the underdeveloped immune system or compromised immune system. ALL commercial aircraft except the Boeing DREAMLINER use a "BLEED AIR" system for supplying breathing air to the aircraft cabin ..... there for all are likely exposing passengers and crew to WET SEAL leakage as part of the aircraft design. Occasionally these seals have a more serious leak creating haze or smoke in the cabin causing the need for an emergency landing. It's important to know that haze or smoke is not alway visible when leaks occur. Please show your support for sensors (TADS) to be fitted into the aircraft to detect the presence of TOXIC CHEMICALS in the cabin breathing air. We need your signature to prevent future injury. Too many cabin crew are sick and suffering. Many are forced to take medical leave or resign injured and now with out health coverage. This too should be addressed by the industry!