Senate Judiciary Committee Voting Rights, Voter Fraud, & Elections Security Testimony

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I know how to secure a fair election in a pandemic without mailing ballots. We did it in the Confederacy. Tell the House & the Senate to let me testify before the American people or risk theft of another election.

We, the undersigned, add our names to this petition of United States Senate Judiciary Committee asking that the committee allow testimony from former Brighton, Alabama Mayor Brandaun L. Dean on issues of voting rights, elections integrity, early voting, voter eligibility, and elections security. 

Branduan Dean provides, perhaps, the nation’s most unique experience and insight on the above matters as a youth and minority former elected. Mayor Dean was elected Mayor of Brighton by a 52% margin of the popular vote. He served eleven months in office from November of 2016 until October 2017 when he was ousted by an order of retired 10 Judicial Circuit Court Judge Eugene Verin for violation of the Alabama Code rules on voter eligibility and the 2008 precedent established by the Alabama Supreme Court pursuant the matter of Long v. Bryant.

Mayor Dean has submitted a request to testify before the Committee on the Judiciary to promote public engagement on the issue of ballot justice. Further, the former mayor seeks to adjudicate the core issues affecting integrity in elections by delivering testimony under oath before the people.