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Senate Democrats Should Work With Senate Moderate Republicans to Fix ObamaCare

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Senate Democrats should work with moderate Senate Republicans to fix ObamaCare.

Right now, Republicans control the White House and both houses of Congress.  If left to their own devices, I have no doubt that the pundits are wrong, and that TrumpCare will pass.  Or, worse, that ObamaCare will be repealed with nothing to replace it.

Both outcomes would be disastrous.  Democrats CANNOT sit on the sidelines and hope the Republicans will implode in their effort.  The risk is far too great.  Democrats therefore need to get involved.  They need to reach out to moderate Republican senators and formulate an alternative which those moderates can support.

Right now, Congress is in recess.  Senators and representatives are meeting with constituents throughout the country.  It is wonderful that Republicans are hearing that ripping insurance away from 33 million people (ObamaCare repeal) or from 22 million people (TrumpCare) is wrong.

But Democrats also need to hear a message loud and clear.  When we meet with our Democratic senators and representatives, particularly the former, we must demand that they reach out to moderate Republicans.  We must warn that inaction will lead to repeal or TrumpCare, both of which would be disastrous.

Right now, preventive care is available to me through the health insurance I receive from my employer, as a result of ObamaCare.

Right now, my brother, Geoffrey, and his wife, Liz, are on ObamaCare; they receive a guaranteed minimum of health benefits through ObamaCare.

Such guarantees will vanish if ObamaCare is repealed.

That is wrong.  That is immoral. That is reckless.

And that horror story will be repeated in various ways throughout America if Democrats and moderate Republicans are unable to work out an alternate solution.

Forget politics; forget the next election.  Stop this runaway train. 

Stop repeal.

Stop TrumpCare.

Let's fix ObamaCare.

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