Seeking better regulation of Veteran Affairs Office in all aspects of its day to day a

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    For years the Department of Veteran Affairs have ignored the voices of veterans.  The rate of suicide among veterans is at an alarming rate, yet veterans are being turned around when seeking "emergency help". Veterans have been rendered homeless due to the actions of individuals representing the Department of Veteran Affairs. I myself have faced this harsh reality twice.

 Many veterans have developed PTSD symptoms due to the actions of the very institution ment to protect us and ensure we are able to transition back into the American way of life. We are often given false information on the general hotline,  denied benefits with no explanation as to why, held responsible for mistakes made by said institution, and a host of other issues.

  The issues are to numerous to list in truth; however, with the signing of this petition we can begin an era in which the people area once again given a voice.  Stand up for those who sacrificed their sanity,  their families,  their very lives to ensure the American way of life lives on.

  For us the war truly begins when our tour of duty ends...