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Help change the current landscape of the collection of consumer data

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Today companies use their websites to collect user information, either by having users sign up for accounts on their websites and archiving the information in databases, or injecting malware and other keylogging programs into user computers to collect information like search history and program information outside of the internet. Internet providers collect data and are free to sell their users information. This issue will continue to get worse and go unchecked unless action is taken. The major tipping point that caused internet privacy to be labeled as a social problem was when the general public learned that tech giants such as Google, Facebook, and Apple were selling their personal data without letting the owner of the data know about the transactions, including to whom they were selling the data.


one of the only way to fix the issue currently at hand would be to pass legislation that restricts / prohibits the collection and/or selling of user data. If users had the choice to opt-out of the collection of data, they would be aware of the high risk of Identity theft that the collection of user data has. This would lead to more consumers opting out of the collection of the user data and greatly reduce the issue that is currently plaguing our society. If the proper restrictions were to be put in place we would also see a sharp decline in consumer price discrimination.

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