Require changing tables in public restrooms available to children.

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UPDATE: petition is also very effective when signed on the White House platform. 100k signatures in 30 days forces a white house response and surely will cause further local and state responses. Please preferably sign both!


Recently Ashton Kutcher succeeded in his petition to require changing tables in men's restrooms. It was great to see, yet I was still horribly saddened at how much of the country requires public bathrooms yet no changing tables in neither men or women's restrooms! This is what many who aren't parents of small children don't hear about. The law Ashton Kutcher is behind is not country wide nor does it apply to all restrooms. It's just a small step for some men's restrooms at least within certain jurisdictions. But there is a much worse problem.

As a mother of a 1 year old with stomach issues and a professional nanny of small children I hate to see babies suffer as well as parents because many places require bathrooms for both men and women but have failed to require anything for babies.

I read a story recently about a woman in Texas (My state) who had been kicked out of a restaurant because she had to change her baby's diaper on the seat of her table. I have had to do this more than once! Yet I and many others like this woman are technically breaking ordinances by doing this, one is food safety. But what are we to do!? Are we to use the outside concrete instead? What if you don't have a car to go back to? Even the homeless can find a more accessible public bathroom than one can find a public bathroom changing table. I used to not think it was a problem until I had my own child. Small children are most susceptible to disease with a weakened immune system, yet it breaks my heart they aren't allowed areas to be changed so they won't have to be stuck sitting in their urine and/or feces. The needs of adults are being met while babies needs are being ignored.

I have had the problem of not being able to change my child from places such as restaurants to places such as banks. This has been a problem that I've seen as I've traveled in different parts of the country. One of my most memorable experiences was on a family road trip. We had no room in the car and were in the middle of no where. We had our two children with us and were very hungry and trying to find somewhere to stop and use the restroom and eat. We found a restaurant and my 1 year old had not been feeling well and was very constipated. Unfortunately when she gets this way I have often had to lay her down as she screams and cries and do a massage to help her release. Well as I have often come across this establishment was required to have a bathroom but not a changing table. The sink was a small sink with not much counter space. it was awful having to hold my daughter in the sink and try to spread her out as she screamed and cried and hit her head on the mirror while I was trying to get her to go to the restroom. She finally was able to go, but in the process with no counter space and no place to hang my purse managed to grab her bottle I was about to use for her from my purse and drop it onto the restroom floor. It was at that moment I just wanted to cry, why should babies not be considered as human beings who need to use the restroom like everyone else. It was at that moment I felt determined to see change.

I'm praying that somebody out there will hear the pleas of many parents and children, not just fathers like Ashton, but all caregiver pleas too! Please help me show our country leaders and those in position to pass laws that this topic does matter and more importantly these babies should matter! Sign this petition today requesting our voices and babies cries be heard. IF your state requires a public bathroom in that specific establishment and its an establishment where babies can go then it should require a changing table too! Preferably in both men and women's restrooms. This is OUR petition.

P.S. only 2 states. CA and NY are even close to being on board with this type of ordinance.