Remove the Marriage penalty against couples with Disabilities

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When we talk about the marriage penalty that affects most couples with disabilities , That's where people get confused , Its because some of us don't actually go in to full discussions about the penalty called the marriage penalty against disabled couples .

Most people with disabilities depend on financial support from the supplemental security for income and being legally married makes things more challenging for people with disabilities because they would lose so much by being married .

Couples who are married and disabled , Are being forced to give up necessary financial help. Because they want to be married , Supplemental Security is cutting those married disabled couples benefits because their combined income including any resources can be too much for one couple to have together , Especially If you were already receiving income benefits as a single individual . 

we receive this benefits because we are disabled and are not able to work enough to afford medical insurance and other necessary things for ourselves . 

If we lost those benefits it would be hard to get them back , Because in order to get them back the couple has to get a divorce . 

The couples who get hit hard by the marriage penalty are those that are both disabled who both receive income benefits from any one of the Government programs , A disabled  married couple is only allowed to have up to 3,000 in resources , A disabled single individual is only allowed to have up to 2,000 in resources , or they risk getting cut from their benefits . 

When rules prevent people with disabilities from having normal couple and life relationships, those rules need to be changed. 

We fully understand the risks we are taking when we get married , That's why most disabled couples decide to live together instead of being married , Because we know what we would be losing . 

We want to marry for the right reasons  , We want to marry for love , But the penalty that was put in place makes that more of a challenge for those with disabilities . 

Anyone with a disability wants to have the chance to experience all that we can including a life together with the one person we can't imagine life without . 

We want to be with the one we love for as long as we can , But living with a disability means we may not have much time with the one we love because of life threatening health problems , Which means spending  as much time together as possible is very important . 

We just want to have the same rights as our other non disabled friends and family.

Please take a look at this petition and Please consider signing and sharing this petition . This is a problem that needs to be corrected. We can't do this alone . We need all the support we can get .
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