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GOP MUST BE STOPPED. It has become clear that many are COMPROMISED and not fit to represent their constituents. Until the Russian Investigation is completed by an Independent Special Prosecutor, until we learn who is truly compromised, "possible" foreign agents have no business GOVERNING America.  

SHUT IT DOWN. RUSSIA DID INFILTRATE AMERICA. NO more laws written, NO more decisions made. We cannot continue to allow foreign agents to govern! We should be using the last "trusted" administrations policies until we can uncover who and what can be trusted.                      

We know the Truth. The Russians DID interfere with this Election. It did alter the results however, GOP fraudulently pushed the narrative that whether it affected the vote can't be proven. They went as far as sabotaging vote recounts, just so they could unethically take advantage of the grand position Trump's cheating & colluding with the Russians put their party into. Knowing that Trump may be COMPROMISED, knowing he is incompetent & illegitimate they STILL capitalized on the situation. They turned their backs on the American people by supporting Trump's lies & unethical behaviors, excused his conflicts of interests and some went as far as providing cover for it. Examples can be seen in Senators McConnell, Chaffetz and Nunes behaviors. The GOP's shameful actions has put America & Americans as risk. They have failed their Oaths of Office by allowing  possible foreign agents to NOT ONLY Govern America but have all our secrets and our Military power at their disposal. Americans have been living in fear and anxiety begging the GOP to do something, but their greed for power, money and to govern has been put over the needs of the people.

There is no precedent, no policy for when most of America's government is compromised by a foreign power. We hereby ask that a precedent be set. Impeachment proceedings are too long and do not qualify in this situation. THIS IS AN EMERGENCY.  In any other country a situation like this would have resulted in a default. The party not suspected of any cheating or colluding would have taken the Presidency by default, especially when they won the Popular vote by 3 million votes. WE HEREBY DEMAND this JUSTICE for AMERICA.

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