Reinstate Al Franken, With Apologies

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Since it has now become clear to everyone that doubted it, Al Franken was the victim of a coordinated foreign cybersmear campaign, and he deserves to be reinstated.  He was forced out of the Senate WITH NO JUST CAUSE, while our sitting President has numerous sexually inappropriate charges against him, that are being ignored, and remains our Commander in Chief.  How is this just?

I understand there is no legal precedent or law that would enable this... but we have never faced a situation where a politician's reputation has been meddled with in this fashion, either.  This is a unique case, that deserves to be investigated deeper, and rectified if this cybersmear campaign is proven beyond a doubt.

Al Franken was a stalwart supporter of Women's rights, LGBTQ rights, Immigrant's rights, and a voice for the Common Man.  He was a force to be reckoned with, and, most certainly, a possible Vice President, or even a Presidential candidate in 2020.  We NEED people like Senator Franken to represent us. He is a good, honest man that was dragged through the mud, and now we are certain it was foreign powers behind the vicious campaign that ended with his expulsion from the Senate.  He stood up for us, now it's time we stand up for him.

Reinstate Senator Franken, now!


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