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*** This is a National Recall based on a Legal Loophole which allows his Recall and not just by Voters of Nevada. As the Senator of Nevada he can only be recalled by the voters that elected him, HOWEVER, since he is The Senate Majority Leader he has waived that Protection and may be Recalled on the National Level***

Recall Harry Reid and Replace him with a Fiscally and Morally Responsible Human being that is Conservative & that will act on behalf of Nevada and America rather than to appease the Dictator Obama!

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Letter to
Representative John Garamendi
U.S. House of Representatives
Senator Kelly Ayotte
and 16 others
Senator Mike Lee
Senator Rand Paul
Senator Marco Rubio
Representative Jason Chaffetz
Senator Mark Begich
Senator Mark Udall
Senator James Inhofe
Representative John Boehner
Senator Ted Cruz
Senator Mitch McConnell
Senator Barbara Boxer
Senator Dianne Feinstein
Senator John McCain
Senator Lisa Murkowski
Representative Darrell Issa
U.S. Senate
Recall Senator Harry Reid

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