Random Truth Serum Test For All Federal Employees

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We the under signed citizen demand that all federal employees be randomly truth serum tested due to the fact none of them can be trusted and lied over and over again and is getting are kids murdered and tortured and stealing every dime from we the people and are kids.

we also demand that this random truth serum test be implemented with in 60 days of starting this petition And that a Federal Grand Jury with Special Prosecutor outside the dept of justice be present at these testing and that these signatures be used to start the recall process of removing senators and house Of Reps member who refuse to enact this demand or votes no on this matter.

This also includes senators, House Of Reps members the FBI/ CIA/NSA/Dept of Justice.

Due to the fact we know the FBI and Dept Of Justice/NSA/CIA/local Police Dept/U.S.Military  is using and allowing a weapon called voice to skull on are kids and women and Mr Eric Griffin that this be the first questions asked who on record is doing this to us and are kids which is why all these shooting are taking place and trying to be blamed on mental illness when in fact these people are being held hostage by this weapon called voice to skull.

These are your children and women that are being murdered and made to look like they are having mental illness problems when in fact there being victimized by this weapon every victim is not as strong as the other which is leading them to kill people

Sincerely, Mr Eric Griffin For U.S.Senate Of Nevada,Co-Founder Of A Mothers Lost INC ,Co-founder Of The Eric Griffin Legal Foundation INC, Co-Founder Of Grip Money Group.