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Publicly disclose the contents of the TPP

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Does this sound like a normal decision making process to you? After being hastily moved clear across Canada to avoid public protests, twelve countries' delegates and private company lobbyists are meeting behind close doors to finalize a trade agreement that affects not only their countries' residents, but the entire Internet too. WTF?

Those involved include the United States, Australia, Peru, Malaysia, Vietnam, New Zealand, Chile, Singapore, and Brunei, while Mexico, Canada, & Japan are in the process of joining. What do we know? Only through a leaked chapter from the Trans-Pacific Partnership do we know that just one aspect intends to rewrite the rules of Intellectual Property on the Internet. Special interests and lobbyists have had full access to TPP negotiations, leaving the peoples' interests (as well as Congress) completely locked out of the process.

We need to take action now in order to help bring awareness to the Trans-Pacific Partnership for what it really is, a behind-the-scenes blockade of free expression which will inevitably reduce due process, increase methods of censorship, and stifle innovation at a global level. Worse off, the TPP seeks to extend copyright protections from a current (and dare we say outdated) model to an even longer protection for individual works "for life plus 70 years," and for a publication/corporate-made content, "life plus 120 years."

The Obama Administration must make its agencies accountable to the public for their secret laws. Join us in demanding that the Office of the US Trade Representatives be required to publicly disclose the contents of the TPP and enforce a policy of transparency.

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