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Protecting Our Children Ourselves- A Little Movement Expecting BIG Results

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When our child falls and gets a scrape, who fixes it?  When our child gets a broken heart, who fixes it?  When our child is sick, who fixes it?  We do.  As parents, aunts, uncles, grandparents, teachers, caregivers and so on, we fix it.  So why when our children need ALL of us the most, do we sit back, watch, cry, wait and hope?  Why don’t WE do something and FIX IT!?  

We have to do something.  We have to make our children’s voices heard.  We have to MAKE our lawmakers hear that we are not going to allow one more school shooting to happen without FIGHTING and PROTECTING OUR CHILDREN OURSELVES!  

What am I asking?  How can YOU and all of us make a difference?  By not standing by on the sidelines and expecting others to do what we should have done all along.  I am asking us to fight the lawmakers to get off their ass and put laws and orders into place that will protect our children!  I am asking us to create a movement in every city, town and state and make them hear our voices.  I am asking that we be so loud and consistent that they cannot ignore us any longer.  I am not asking that we make this a gun control or gun rights movement because that is what the politicians will make it.  We all can have different views on those issues and still be unified in the issue of protecting our children regardless of our stance on gun rights.  We need to be a unified voice.

The fact of the matter is, that most of our kids have already been taught by our schools on what to do if a shooter comes into the school.  My son, who is almost 21 years old, has had “drills” since he was in elementary school.  He learned to turn off all the lights, close the classroom door and window shades and hide quietly in the back of the classroom.  Sad picture, isn’t it?  We shouldn’t depend on the schools “drills” and our children being quiet in the back of a dark classroom to protect them.  That is NOT enough!

I ask that YOU start bringing your peaceful protest together.  Get your group of people, petitions, phone calls, emails, letters etc. and keep pushing until we are heard and our children in every school from elementary to college, are protected.  

The time to fight to protect our children is NOW!  There is no more waiting.  

Please contact me for more information on how you can help and get things started in your community at  Also, I have created two Facebook pages, the first one called Protecting Our Children, is for the entire movement.  I would like to post updates on there about what everyone is doing in their community for the movement, so please send me pictures and updates so that I can share and motivate others to continue moving forward.  The other one, called Protecting Our Children- NWI Chapter is for my community and I encourage each of you to start a twitter, Instagram, Facebook page etc. for your own local chapter and make sure you invite me to like so I can be encouraged and motivated by what you are doing for the movement in your community.  I will be working on creating a Twitter and Instagram page as well and will post the information on Facebook once I get that up and running.  Thank you for supporting me in this important movement in Protecting Our Children Ourselves!

If you want our lawmakers to do something to protect our children, please at least sign and share this petition. 

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