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U.S. Senate: Protect our Families from Toxic Chemicals

Right now, there is little control of what goes into our everyday products, such as household cleaners, soaps, furniture, children’s toys, plastics, and electronics. Many of these contain toxic compounds that have been linked to rising instances of childhood cancer, learning disabilities, Alzheimer's disease, Parkinson's disease, reproductive disorders, and asthma. Why? Because the EPA is required to test only a few hundred of the 80,000 different chemicals currently on the market, which means that chemical companies don’t have to prove that most of the chemicals they make are safe before they end up in our products.

Congress can change that by passing a bill called the Safe Chemicals Act, which would reform our broken chemical policy for the first time in more than 30 years and finally protect us from dangerous chemicals. But the chemical industry is fighting hard to protect their profits by blocking this critical legislation. So if we want it to pass, we need to make sure our legislators hear from constituents who want to be protected from harmful chemicals now. Sign our petition urging the Senate to hold the chemical industry accountable and pass the Safe Chemicals Act when they return this November.

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U.S. Senate
We urge you to protect American families by passing the Safe Chemicals Act today.

In recent decades, the incidence of early puberty, certain childhood and adult cancers, infertility, and learning and developmental disabilities has increased--sometimes at alarming rates. Scientific studies continue to demonstrate that the toxic chemicals we are exposed to in our every day products can significantly increase the risk of developing these and other diseases and disorders.

Data from the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) shows that exposure to toxic chemicals begins in the womb. Most pregnant American women have numerous toxic chemicals in their bodies, some of which are known to have adverse impacts on the health of their developing babies. Our children are born already contaminated with toxic chemicals that can cause health problems for the rest of their lives. This is unacceptable.

Congress has an obligation to pass a law that will protect our health and our environment from harmful toxic chemicals.

We call on Congress to make the right choice for America's families. Pass the Safe Chemicals Act now.


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