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Protect Our Democracy - A Constitutional Amendment to Directly Elect the President

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Alexander Hamilton in Federalist No. 68, explaining the use of the Electoral College, said, "The [Electoral College] affords a moral certainty, that the office of President will never fall to the lot of any man who is not in an eminent degree endowed with the requisite qualifications." Unfortunately, our election system today no longer guarantees that result. Now our democracy stands more readily susceptible to attack than it has ever been.  Today, foreign powers seek to influence the outcome of our presidential elections.  Due to the way our nation has formed and developed the last two centuries, and because of the Electoral College, elections have hinged on the decision of a handful of States.  This leaves elections vulnerable, where these foreign powers need only focus attacks on certain areas instead of the entire fifty States as a whole.

Additionally, because the Electoral College has now put the power of deciding the President in a few locations, presidential candidates no longer campaign or visit such States that are traditionally considered "blue" or "red", leaving constituents in such locations left out and forgotten.  Labeling a State one color or the other also leaves people of the opposite political party feeling they do not have a voice, leading to lower voter turnout in States where Electoral College votes are predetermined before poles even open.

Finally, electors don't always vote with the voice of the people.  In the 2016 election, ten electors chose to cast votes contrary to what the people in their respective States had decided.  When Americans cast their vote on election day, the Electoral College does not guarantee that the elector will respect the wishes of the people.  Instead, they are left to their own whims in deciding who they would want for President.

It's time to make a change.  It's time to leave the Electoral College and adopt a system that elects the American President by the voice of the people.  It's time to petition Congress for a joint resolution on an Amendment to our Constitution that allows each citizen to have a say in the presidential election.  We need to secure our democracy from attack.  Our presidential candidates need to remember the forgotten constituents.  And we need to take the power of the vote away from the hands of wavering electors and back into the hands of the people.

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