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Oluremi Oshin
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President Donald Trump on January 31st 2020, signed a presidential proclamation which extended the travel ban he first introduced in 2017 (popularly known as Travel Ban 3.0) to certain nationals from other six new countries. Under this new proclamation, citizens from Nigeria, Etritrea, Myanmar, Kyrgyzstan and two other nationals will not be allowed to apply for visas to immigrate to the United States, and there is no expiration date to it. While the Trump administration said the policy was designed to tighten the security for countries that do not comply with the U.S. minimum security standard nor cooperate to prevent illegal immigration, we strongly condemn this action and consider it a form of discrimination and racism. There are larger nations like China and Russia, which do not cooperate with the U.S. on the aforementioned, and none of them has been put on any form of ban.

Our major concern at ACLN is how this travel ban will greatly affect various families. With this new travel ban in effect from February 21st 2020, we anticipate that more families in qualifying relationships under the immigration benefits of the U.S will be separated. For instance, U.S citizens looking to bring over children, parents or siblings will no longer be able to do so. Also, partners or spouses of American citizens will no longer be able to immigrate to the U.S.

We want the Donald Trump administration to know that Nigerian-Americans are very good people, law abiding citizens of this great country. Nigerian-Americans have been contributing immensely to our various communities in the United States and will continue to do.

We are therefore calling on the United States Congress to intervene in this situation and help revert the decision where possible before it goes into effect.

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Adewale Adefowoju (ACLN President)

Adeyinka Fadehan (ACLN Global Secretary)

Note: We are organizing a peaceful rally and hope all Nigerian-Americans across the United States can join. Follow us on Facebook for more information: