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Please help us so my kids bright future is not destroyed

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  • "I don't feel proud anymore to say this country is my home"
  • "I feel half broken"
  • "I feel shredded"
  • "I didn't want to go to Veterans Day parade because I don't feel like honoring people that serve the country that have my father in jail"
  • "If my dad did something wrong was only to be here with me"

Those are all the hardest quotes that I heard this last week from a 12 year old boy. Who is this? My son, Nicolas De Assis.  He is a brilliant kid, always “A” or “A/B” Honor Roll, part of the National Elementary Honor Society, always “A” in Behavior, and received Citizenship awards during all of Elementary School. He is now in 6th Grade at Darnell-Cookman School of Medical Arts.

Why does a 12 year old have to see his dad in jail? And, build all these bad feelings against his country, the country he was born in and is a citizen of?

My husband entered illegally into the US after an Expedited Removal that was made for him in the airport (which they made him sign by lying to him). Why did he do that? In order to see his son grow up. What would you have done if you were told you need to stay far from your son for 10 years? Would you just stay and live quietly somewhere until the time passed?

A customs agent stopped my husband in June of 2006 in a New York Airport, and told him he was not able to get into the US because he overstayed his tourist visa the first time he came in to the country. With this, they kept him as a criminal 12 hours at the airport torturing him psychologically just because that is what they like to do. My husband is from Brazil and did not read English well at the time. He was assigned a Puerto Rican translator who brought some papers and showed him his name written on the papers.  He asked my husband "Are you this person?" He said yes.  The translator "Well, we got a ticket to fly you back home, just sign here". And, just like that, they got him to sign his Expedited Removal.

After being removed back to Brazil, he returned to Canada and crossed the Canadian border back into the country in order to be with me and our son, Nicolas.  Everybody asked me details, and this is all that happened.  Nobody understands why he hasn’t received a chance to plead his case in court.  He has never had a court date, no right to have a bond, no right to even get an ankle bracelet and be freed temporarily to put things in order to be able to leave the country.

Is it necessary to humiliate the individuals going through this? The government has a way to see he is not a criminal and has done so in every year that we have renewed his Stays of Removal or Deportation with thanks to former President Obama. To do this, we have to present any criminal records for which he has none.  He has been a consummate resident with not even a speeding ticket or anything.

They can see we have paid our taxes every year.  They can see he is a good individual who is involved in community activities like the Peruvian-American Association (I am Peruvian). He is a man of good faith, good morals, great work ethics, and his boss has even offered to do anything he can that would help him. But, isn't it unbelievable that there is nothing else we can do, that a family is going to be destroyed just because of hate? The laws of our country have been created to help men live in harmony in society.  But, there is something called “common sense”, and when the law is going to go against the wellness of a person or is going to destroy a bright future, don't you think is worth it to change it?

Even though I only talked about Nicolas up to now, we have another son Luiz, also a brilliant and gifted child.  Both are gifted kids, and they are both having to go through all of this.  We need your help to ensure our family stays together.

Please help!

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