Pharmaceutical Companies Killed My Son

Pharmaceutical Companies Killed My Son

February 2, 2020
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Started by Chiu Saw

Protecting human lives is the responsibility of the government not lawyers.

SJS/TEN are commonly caused by over-the-counter Motrin. SJS/TEN treatment and Mustard Gas treatment is the same: No specific antidote.

The lucky survivors from the PICU all have life lasting sequelae. They need years of treatment, and a lot of money just to simply survive.

According to the Litts Drug Eruption Reference Manual. In the introduction there are more than 100,000 hospitalized people in the United States alone died in 1999 as a result of medications. That’s more than the Atomic bomb in Nagasaki that killed 80,000 people. But the news only reported 2 people that ever gotten any kind of compensation from Pharmaceuticals companies in lawsuits. Why? That is because the morals of the Attorneys are in question.

In 2003, under doctor’s orders, Simon took OTC Motrin on 2/24, 2/27, 2/28. On 3/5/2003, a doctor prescribed Ibuprofen for Simon’s fever. After 10 days of incubation time, on March 6, Simon had a severe allergic reaction. Which he was hurried to Texas Children’s Hospital. On March 7, the doctors gave Simon another 4 doses of Motrin while he was there. Causing Simon to have an even severe SJS and was hospitalized 340 days and a double lung transplant on 1/26/2004.
Operative Report #040042 History #8764023: Simon is a seven-year-old Chinese boy.
Allergy: Ibuprofen to Stevens-Johnson Syndrome to Bronchiolitis Obliterans secondary to Bilateral Lung Transplantation. Simon’s medical bill was $2,219,128

We hired the NJ attorney, Seeger Weiss LLP, in 2005 to represent us against Johnson&Johnson, McNeil, Alpharma, and Purepac Pharmaceutical. 

But we didn’t expect to be racially discriminated against by the Johnson&Johnson, the defendant attorney, the two Judges, the Guardian ad Litem, and our attorneys. 

                Our attorney breached our Power of Attorney Contractual Terms 1(b), 4(b), and 8(c). 2/13/2013, Samantha Reckis’s Motrin case of a blinded SJS victim was awarded $63 million; Simon who also took Motrin and had a double lung transplant because of SJS, his attorneys wanted him to settle his case that very day for only $350,000. We did not agree to this. His attorney replied, “People who won their cases never see that money.” But we were adamant to go to court even if we were to get zero. This is where they violated 4(b) of our agreement; telling us to give them $200,000 within 6 days or they won’t go to court on 2/19/2013.   

                Simon is a Texan; his case was in NJ but could not use NJ law. But Brianna Maya was from Tennessee and her Motrin case was in Pennsylvania and used Pennsylvania law. Is this not racial discrimination?

                They infringed on our basic rights:

                2/13/2013, after 4 days of 5hr SKYPE meetings of us not wanting to settle the case, Simon’s attorney approved the settlement without our knowledge or consent; violating our agreement 1(b) and 8(c).   

                2/14/2013, both attorneys called an emergency hearing with the Judge and lied that we agreed to the settlement but changed our minds. They demanded the Judge to appoint a Guardian ad Litem to settle the case for us. 

2/19/2013, our attorneys violated 1(b) and 8(c) again by forging that Simon and his parents agreed to the settlement with Johnson&Johnson etc.

2/26/2013, the Judge appointed Daniel Pomeroy as Simon’s Guardian ad Litem. But because the settlement was not legal Pomeroy would not sign. So, on 1/9/2014 both parties’ attorney demanded that the Judge find someone that would sign.

8/19/2014, Daniel Pomeroy signed the $350,000, when Simon was already 18-years-old.

The $350,000 is still sitting in the courthouse.

They all forged medical records:

The Judge used the lies in Simon’s doctors’ deposition, and the expert witness report as evidence. Saying that Simon’s SJS was caused by an unknown virus and not by Motrin. Then why did Johnson&Johnson spend $5 million fighting this case? If Johnson&Johnson just gave that money to Simon, Simon would have had enough for his second lung transplant and would not have to die.

We can’t express everything in just 800 words. For a better understanding please visit our Facebook page.

According to the First Amendment, we have the right to Redress of Grievances. But where is the department? Simon wrote 76 certified letters to many organizations, even to President Obama, but received no help. Only our Fort Bend County District Attorney, Mr. Brian Middleton, gave us time to look at our case and found legal malpractice in our case but could not help. We want laws to protect these SJS victims across the nation so Simon’s story won’t be repeated. We want Simon’s case to a retrial and given a fair ruling. Too long this world been under these corporations and it’s time for them to take responsibility for their misdeeds. Please help us make our voice heard. We cannot be silent anymore.

I can't say everything I want to say here. If you want to know more you can come to my Facebook page to learn the full history. 

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Signatures: 352Next Goal: 500
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