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Petition Campaign to Prevent Needless Dialysis Treatment

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I petition that Medicare take a look and consider a kidney disease prevention healthcare program. Please sign your name if you agree that, now more than ever.

Supporters of Kidney Dialysis Centers and Organizations profiting from the legislations that made it easy for chronic kidney disease patients to receive disability benefits for end stage renal disease dialysis treatments; turn a deaf team to prevention.

The approvals has expanded and improved Medicare benefit’s, which has provided universal coverage for all dialysis medical care. While the lack of education to prevent kidney disease add to the increasing cost to Medicare and the growth of dialysis patient each years. The cart is placed before the horse, and the beneficial in a long run is not the patients. Medicare authorized renal dietitian service to Chronic Kidney Disease after their kidney fail and once they are on dialysis - Why? “Because it’s helps extend the life expectation to dialysis patients”. Why not authorized renal dietitian service to kidney disease patient prior to chronic kidney disease to avoid dialysis? Not only will it decrease the number of dialysis patients but help in the out-of-control cost Medicare pay for dialysis treatment, kidney transplant, ER visit, hospital stays medication and disability payment.

I petition to Medicare to authorize kidney disease patient prevention benefits.

This prevention program would authorize a Medical Nutrition Therapy Benefits; benefits without monthly monetary benefits. The Kidney Disease Prevention program would authorize kidney disease patients to receive counseling by a certified renal dietitian or renal nutritionist for Economic Disadvantage kidney disease patients. This prevention program will help employers avoid the lost of excellent employees, decrease family hardship and allow Medicare to honor the original plan it was design for while eliminating hundreds and thousands depending on Medicare for dialysis treatment or kidney transplants. The growing need for long term dialysis Medicare benefits can be better manage if a short term non-monetary prevention program is a part of Medicare service.

Total expenditures for chronic kidney disease on dialysis grew from $229 million in 1973 to about $32.8 billion in 2014.

I received the “2017 Governor’s Volunteerism and Community Service Awards” for my kidney disease prevention volunteered work throughout the Hampton Roads area in Virginia. Raising awareness to military service members, veterans, youth and senior citizens and families, all of whom tell me that their number one concern is the lack of kidney disease prevention. Not all of the individuals that I spoke with were successful with the information regarding the early stages prevention instruction but I take pride in those that could afford nutritionist program to assist in their life style change and eating habits adjustments and avoid dialysis, prescription drugs, kidney transplant or death. Thanks Governor Terry McAuliffe for inspiring me!

Kidney Disease Prevention is a humans right – please join me in calling on Congress to make that humans right decision and authorize certified renal dietician/nutritionist for kidney disease patients available to all Americans who can’t afford it.

If a bill is passed to authorize certified renal dietician/nutritionist service to kidney disease patients it will give Medicare more power over benefits that imagine in the long run. The Medical Nutrition Therapy service that is presently offered in the Dialysis Center to dialysis patients; if made available to kidney disease patient can have the information available to slow down or even put an end to the millions paid for dialysis healthcare to Americans; this service will decrease payment for millions of people with poor control diabetic, mismanage high pretension, obesity and other kidney disease pre-existing conditions funded from Medicare.

Along with eligibility to qualify for this service, kidney disease patients must show compliance in order to continual receiving treatments.

I appeal to kidney disease patients, family members, friends, employers, community and spiritual leaders take a stand and support me in my cry that Congress put the America people prevention care programs to the lead of the Dialysis Center, Health Care and pharmaceutical billionaire’s request. Until Medicare makes this change I request local politicians to approve a local program to support the people in the area you were voted to protect and support.

Thank you for taking the time to support kidney disease patients.

For All – Medical Nutrition Therapy! Because we all need and deserve preventive health care for ourselves, our families, and for our children’s future. – You, your local leaders and Medicare can help.

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