We are enforceing a proposed gun laws, This is common sense.

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BILL H.R.8 ) also ( BILL H.R.1112 ) are to enhanced background Check's act of 2019 and bipartisan background Check's act of 2019. We are not taking gun's from anyone in the United States ( THIS IS #FACKNEWS ). We are just adding new law's to our 2nd amendment to make background Check's stronger for anyone that buy's gun's from gun stores or over the internet. We are also adding carry concealed weapon permit's so we know who is legal to carry a concealed weapon. Do you remember 4 year's ago when a man bought a hand gun then shot ower congress women in the head, murdered 10 year old girl and injured dozens of United States America citizens in Tucson, arizona and background Check's were stronger. As of today the background Check's are still not stronger. For the last 4 year's we have had mass shootings all over the United States of america, including school students shootings bring in gun's shooting there school students and this is going on as of today. There are 2 Bill's in the white house, they have already passed the House and now the Bill's are in the hand's of the Senate in the white house, we need to get the Senate to pass these's 2 Bill's. Here are the Bill's ( BILL H.R.8 ) ( BILL H.R.1112 ) enhanced background Check's act of 2019, bipartisan background Check's act of 2019. Everyone in the United States of america need to have the Senate in the white house to pass these's 2 bill's.