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Overbooking flights should be illegal

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In light of the terrible incident that recently occurred aboard a United Airlines flight, it is time to ask our Senators and Representatives to pass a law against airlines overbooking flights.

When you pay for a seat on a plane, that seat should be guaranteed unless there are extenuating circumstances. You should not lose that seat simply because airlines are greedily lining their pockets without regard for the people that depend on air travel in their daily life for business, seeing their families, or shuttling kids between parents. This recent incident, where a doctor was violently forced off a plane despite the fact he had bought and paid for the seat he was sitting in, is the last straw. We must act now.

Last year, over 400,000 passengers were either asked to give up their seats voluntarily or booted off a flight due to overbooking. This is absolute nonsense, and they get away with it simply because a few large players (like United, Delta and American Airlines) dominate the industry. We need a law to stop this, and only we, the voters, can pressure members of the House and Senate to pass a law that makes overbooking illegal.

Please help to stop citizens from being forced out of seats that they have paid for with no good reason. Please sign this petition and write to your Senators and Representatives to demand legislation that outlaws this kind of unethical business and forces airlines to guarantee the seats that their customers have paid good money for.

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