New law requiring Rental Car Agencies to conduct DMV checks ensuring 'Drivers are Legal'!

New law requiring Rental Car Agencies to conduct DMV checks ensuring 'Drivers are Legal'!

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Tim Westley
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On Behalf of Gold Star Mom Tracy A. LaPorte                                                              and Patriot - SGT Adam "2STEP" Huckstep 

Combat Veteran, survived the battlefield in Iraq and preparing for a deployment to Afghanistan, killed before departure.

Feb 1, 2012, a Soldier, Father, Firstborn Son, Brother, Friend and more had his LIFE CUT SHORT!  A person rented a vehicle with a suspended license and while driving illegally, ignored traffic signs, and pulled out in front of Adam. Sgt. "2Step" Huckstep who died tragically at the scene!

Adam, a Patriot serving in the U.S. Army, could still be with us today if that driver was never allowed to rent that vehicle . He could be here today if a law was already in existence making it mandatory (not optional) for Rental Car Companies to run Drivers licenses through a Department of Motor Vehicle (DMV) to check their Validity.

Unfortunately, at this moment, outside of doing a sight check to ensure the licenses are not expired, there is no such law or system in place to mandate more thorough checks.  Sgt. "2Step" Huckstep was preparing for another deployment for our nation when he was killed . Again, Adam could still be with us today if a law was already in existence barring the driver of that vehicle from getting access to it.

I have teamed up with Adam’s mother, Tracy LaPorte, to push for a new law that may help prevent such tragedies in the future.

We are petitioning Congress to enact a new law for Rental Car Companies making it mandatory to conduct DMV checks before allowing individuals to rent vehicles.  Rental groups such as the Avis Budget Group: Avis, Budget and Payless make it  optional but mandatory to run the licenses through a DMV check (see article below).

Note:  A statement from the largest of these groups, Enterprise.... "We do not run a D.M.V. check on drivers," said Christy Conrad, an Enterprise spokeswoman. "We inspect the driver's license to check that it's 'facially valid.' "

In 2019, Rental Car Companies had profits totaling over $45 Billion. Currently, Rental Car companies are only required to see a "Facially Valid License", but has no legal requirement to verify if the license is valid!  THIS MUST CHANGE!!  It’s time they spent some of those profits ensuring drivers using their vehicles can legally drive, especially if it can save lives such as that of Sgt. Huckstep! 

Our ultimate goal is to make sure Rental Car Companies are only renting to people with a Valid Driver's License!

Please sign this petition on behalf of Gold Star Mom, Tracy LaPorte to ensure this Patriot and Hero, Sgt. Adam "2STEP" Huckstep did not die in vain!  God Bless! 


Dr. Tim Westley, U.S. Army, Veteran


Click to see article on Rental Car D.M.V. Standards: Rental Car D.M.V. Info