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Did you know that child predators can go online and purchase life-like child sex dolls to act out their sexual fantasies of raping children?

So-called “child sex dolls” are legal to import into the United States, legal to possess and even to sell in most states.

At Child Rescue Coalition, we believe that those who possess these dolls demonstrate a dangerous sexual interest in children. We know that suspects have already been identified in possession of illegal child sexual abuse material along with these dolls, in the same household.

Examples of cases including those resulting from law enforcement’s use of CRC Technology demonstrate that there is a risk of these dolls fueling the urges of pedophiles to objectify a child as a sexual being, or to be used by pedophiles to groom a real child into believing this activity is normal.

Michael Bourke, Ph.D. for the United States Marshals Service, who has worked with sex offenders for a decade in the federal prison system, says this about using dolls as substitutes for real child victims:

“These dolls make the sexual fantasies of pedophiles more real. And making their fantasies more real is precisely what we want to avoid.”  

What about when the child sex doll is be produced with the likeness of a real child?

Shockingly, a mother in the U.S. had her child “Kat’s” likeness stolen, and used by the producers of these dolls, which were listed for sale on Amazon and other websites. Read more about Kat’s story here.

Legislation was proposed in 2017 - Bill H.R. 4655 known as the Creeper Act – which would prevent the importation or distribution of such dolls in the U.S., but The Creeper Act has been stalled in the Senate. These dolls are currently illegal in only three states: Florida, Kentucky, and Tennessee. We need to make this illegal in all 50 states because no one should have access to these life-like dolls.

Let’s demand that this bill be passed or a new legislation be written TODAY to outlaw these types of dolls forever in the United States. Protect Kat and every child like her in the United States, and please sign and share this petition.


Want to do more? 

Contact your representative today to voice your support for legislation to make these child sex dolls illegal – and reject child sexual abuse in all its forms.