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Make it Illegal for Congress to accept money from lobbyists such as the NRA.

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In light of the recent mass shooting at a high school in Parkland, Florida, any tolerance of waiting for Congress to act on stronger gun control laws for this country has been lost.  One glaring reason why nothing has come to fruition on this issue, and many other issues in this country, is the shameful act of lobbyists rewarding our senators and representatives in Congress with large sums of money to influence our laws – or lack of them – in favor of their own special interest.  The NRA, for example, is a gun lobby that pays out millions of dollars to our politicians to prevent gun control laws from going into effect, and pushes their own agenda (such as the present “conceal and carry” to make it legal to carry firearms in public places) – despite reports that more than half of Americans favor stricter legislation on gun control such as banning the sales of assault weapons, and at least 80% favor background checks.  This hold over our politicians is largely due to the disastrous Supreme Court decision regarding Citizens United in 2010.  

But our Constitution states that “We the People” make up this country and our government is there to serve us.  We elect these politicians into office to do what is right for us.  Of course, we do not all agree on what is “right” – but isn’t the majority voice of the people more significant than a lobbyist /special interest group?  Isn’t the safety of our people and our children paramount?  It’s time to say enough is enoughOur laws are not for sale. Our lives are not for sale.  Schools, places of worship, concert halls, movie theaters and other public places should not be places we fear to go.    

No lobbyist or special interest group should be permitted to “buy” the laws of our country.  Only the American people should decide our political future – not the NRA, the oil companies, the pharmaceutical companies or any other lobbyists.  Therefore, we sign this petition demanding legislation that it be declared illegal for Congress or those holding any political office to accept monetary compensation in any form from any lobbyist or special interest group, including for campaigning purposes.

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