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Make America Safe Again

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We, the people of a generation victimized by tumultuous violence, need to put a tighter lock on firearm access. It is astonishing that in the year 2016 we have to live in fear of an unprovoked attack. Every day, 306 people in the United States are shot by a gun. A machine that was once created for protection has somehow morphed itself into a means for murder.  Gun violence is a major issue in America because accessibility to guns is way too easy due to a lack of proper background checks and thus many mentally unstable people own guns.

People across the United States have different standards as to what they consider to be normal.  Guns are commonly accepted in areas in the south while in other parts of the country they are viewed as a threat. This puts the country at a major divide.  Many Americans believe that guns are not needed while others are used to using them in daily life.  Regardless, there is one thing that almost all Americans do agree on - stricter background checks.  This would increase the nation’s safety by ensuring that the people who are in possession of guns are not a harm to themselves or anyone around them.  The United States must become a country where access to guns isn’t as simple as it is now- a country where the general public can feel safe without the threat of an unknown attack. It is vital that New York City passes universal background checks on acquiring gun permits as access is the catalyst to violence.

In New York City, citizens can purchase a gun by simply answering a few online questions.  The issue with this though, is that the questions do not focus on the important factors to consider.  The questions asked mainly focus on the assessee’s present life and his plans for the future rather than the past- a necessary viewpoint. Without learning anything about a person’s priors, how can their mental stability be evaluated? Even though 92% of Americans support the passage of a universal background check on those acquiring guns, nothing has been passed. A gun itself isn’t the sole weapon of violence as it does have protective benefits - as argued in the second amendment- it is the person who is holding the gun that is the true accomplice to destruction.  If a background check is necessary to join the military and to carry a weapon in Iraq, it should be required the same of people to carry a weapon in their home.

Unfortunately, we live in a society where shooting has become a common ground. In fact, it seems that gun violence has become so common that the people of America have become numb to these horrors.  68% of murders in the US are caused by guns and in the past 10 years there have been seven mass shootings throughout America.  In 2007 a man brought a gun to Sandy Hook Elementary school and shot twenty six and seven year olds and six staff members.  Other examples of recent mass gun attacks include the Virginia Tech massacre and the Fort Hood shooting.  In this day in age, due to social media, more news is broadcasted and news is spread much faster.  This generation has been so exposed to shootings and the lack of help on the matter that hearing about gun violence has become far to normal.  

Gun violence is a complicated issue that America is far from curing.  However, there are many steps that the United States must take in order to progress on the issue.  It is way too easy for citizens to purchase guns because background checks do not ensure that all people acquiring guns are mentally stable.  This must change - almost all Americans agree stricter background checks must be set in stone and yet nothing has been done.  The safety of American citizens is one of the priorities of this nation, which makes creating stricter background checks a no brainer.


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