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Legalize recreational marijuana in America in every state at the federal level.

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We the people are calling on all 50 states and the president to legalize recreational marijuana completely across the board. Roughly 500,000 plus people are arrested every year for simple marijuana offenses and without conducting violence. Thats about 80 to 90 percent of those arrested who are non violent. This means jail time, stiff fines, and sometime revocation of the driver license even if they weren't driving. It costs Americans roughly over 10 billion a year on incarcerating these individuals who i repeat have caused no harm to anybody. In some places the individual has to pay just to stay in jail again after hurting nobody. Some people have even died as a result of marijuana prohibition usually because they try to run away and a chase escalates or too much force is used. Those are tragedies that could've been avoided if fines, jail time, and other penalties were not in place for simple harmless marijuana. Some people have died because they cant have access to marijuana through dangerous diseases such as epilepsy. Others suffer because of severe mental illnesses such as depression, anger issues, ptsd, and bi polar disorders. 

Some people just want to enjoy themselves and mean zero harm to themselves or anybody around them. 

There is no legitimate evidence that marijuana causes severe harm to the body or to make someone do immoral things. 

Think about how deeply in debt our country is right now. Legalizing recreational marijuana could help set us on a better path to oay off our debt. Also there are multiple uses for marijuana. Hemp (very low thc marijuana) can be used to make paper, building materials, and even for fuel. Imagine if we could switch from fossil fuels to hemp oil fuel and sever our dependency on foreign oil. 

What of the drug cartels and dug gangs that really cause actual problems and do commit the violence that is negatively stigmatized against marijuana users? If recreational marijuana was legalized these terrible people would be dealt a serious blow. They would have to switch to more dangerous, harder to sell, harder to make drugs that the user base is not so savory.

Suicide and murder rates will go down after legalization. Resources and effort will be freed up for the police to use to go after the more dangerous and toxic criminals.

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