Legalize Polyandry! U​.​S. Senators, Governors and Mayors should Legalize Polyandry!

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Black and Brown people as well as White people in America need a different social apparatus to save children and ensure family and community wealth! Taking children straight from high schools into prison is not a smart use of citizens but it is a highly used method for dealing with youth! A better use can be found in the African use of Polyandry, where young men are trained by older husbands and brothers to function successfully. 
Raising children with a partner who is in and out of jail or prison, often violated, because of lack of funds can be easily corrected if men are allowed to join a family. Polyandry was created to be the catch-all for men who do not have enough money or wherewithal to get an apartment and keep a family together after high school or college!

Black and Brown people used Polyandry to build civilizations and were successful doing so. Now, America wants a successful melding of all people toward common goals: the marital tools used by Black and Brown peoples must be respected and that means Polyandry and Polygamy must be legalized as an option for all! This can be done, not by making plural marriage a misdemeanor as Utah has done, but by fully accepting this Black and Brown intrinsic, indigenous marriage form! Adding just a few words to the Common-law Marriage clauses can do that!